Drop In Dog Care

This service is tailored for regular or occasional visits while on a day trip or working long hours. Also an option as vacation care* in a home with multiple pets or pets that are less stressed staying in their own environment (* min 3 visits per day required) 

Simple Let Out (Cranston Only) - $12

Weekend let out service - $15

A quick in and out to give a back yard pee break or medication administration.

No additional charge for multiple pets.

15 min visit - $18

 30 min visit - $28

All 15/30 minute visits include let out / oral medication administration / feeding / water refresh /

clean up of unexpected messes and love!

 30 minute visit includes (time permitting): watering of indoor or outdoor plants / rotation of indoor lighting / mail collection / putting out garbage bins


City sidewalk snow shoveling available at $15 per day (as needed)

​GST is not included in above pricing